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WELCOME to Dr. Huesan Tran’s vision of co-creating a NEW PARADISE ON EARTH® !!!

The root of world healing is spiritual healing.

Humanity is in the midst of the greatest transformation in human history and challenges/changes are happening in all aspects of life, especially in business, finance, and economics.  The current healthcare, financial and economic structure/system cannot keep pace with human evolution and failed to meet the needs and demands of spiritual, humanitarian, and economic development.  The old paradigm is falling apart and a new paradigm is emerging for new human evolution.

How to attain unity of humanity to transform the cascade of crisis to the new civilization is critical.  A common vision of humanity is needed; that’s the New Paradise on Earth – the collective mission of humanity.  The Meridian of God is the key to demystify how God is in you in a non-esoteric and non-religious way for humanity to attain unity to co-create the New Paradise on Earth.

Through Dr. Huesan Tran’s teachings and guidance, you will discover the new paradigms, revolutionary models, and innovative frameworks for multi-dimensional transformations across industries, and take part in the transitions from the old paradigm economy of scarcity to the new paradigm economy of abundance, the old world of separation to the new world of unity.

This is the time for humanity to unify, fulfill the divine purpose and mission, and create the New Path of Unity to turn the Divine Vision of New Paradise on Earth® into reality!